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CFS Departments


The CFS Administrative Offices directs and administer Campus Facility Services in the operations of 5 million square feet of space located on 509 acres. The office consists of approximately 500 employees in the provision of parking and transportation, maintenance, cleaning, grounds, utilities management and small renovation management services (project cost of less than $150,000). Acts as the campus liaison with the various corporate facility functions such as the University Architect's Office and Real Estate and Economic Development, and, oversees campus space management.

Name Title
Jeff Plawecki Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities
Jon Ray Fiscal Officer
Sara Peterson Director, HR & Employee Development
Rachele Beach Assistant Director for Building Operations
Ken McKnight Assistant Director of Engineering and Construction
Eric Mauser Assistant Director for Utility Operations
Holly Thomas Energy Engineer
Andy McGuire Facility Project Manager
Jenny Perrino Administrative Support Specialist

Building Maintenance

CFS Building Maintenance provides for the maintenance and operation of IUPUI buildings which includes the building envelopes, building heating/cooling systems, elevators and other building systems in addition to providing key and locksmith services.

The Maintenance Department is organized into "Zones" for service to campus buildings. The campus is served by a total of six Zones with each Zone consisting of multiple buildings grouped geographically. Each Maintenance Zone consists of a Zone Manager and approximately two craftsmen from each trade (i.e. plumbers, electricians, etc.). The Zone Maintenance program allows for craftsmen to have a focused understanding of their customers and their building systems and reduces service travel time due to the Zone Shop being physically located within the Zone being served.

Name Title
Rachele Beach Assistant Director for Building Operations
Josh Miller Building Operations Manager
Dan Anoskey Building Operations Manager
Jim Walsh Building Operations Manager
Rick Williams Building Operations Manager
Gary Jellison ZM at Zone 1
Gary Jellison (interim) ZM at Zone 2
Joe Meadows ZM at Zone 3
Harold Austin ZM at Zone 4
Jeff Perry ZM at Zone 5
Zach Mitchell ZM at Zone 6
Dave Smaltz ZM at Zone 7

Business Affairs

CFS Business Affairs manages the department's procurement, warehouse, information technology, and business office functions.

Name Title
Jon Ray Fiscal Officer
Joe Goins Sr. Financial Manager
Steve Roach Procurement Manager
Tony Wakley Financial Manager for Facility Aux
Kate Pell Business Operations Manager
David Franklin Warehouse Manager

Communication and Customer Service Center

The CFS Communications & Customer Service Center (CCSC) is IUPUI's centralized call center serving the campus.

Name Title
Tracy Hall Call Center Coordinator

Construction Management

CFS Construction Management leads efforts to build customer requested facility upgrades and renovations for project work less than $150,000.

Name Title
Ken McKnight Assistant Director for Engineering and Construction
Niraj Patel Senior Construction Manager
Ryan Cox Construction Manager
Brian Klaum Construction Manager
Joe Townsend Construction Manager

Custodial Services

Project cleaning such as floor refinishing, carpet shampooing, extraction, wall washing, etc. is scheduled according to baseline services. Projects beyond baseline service will be charged back to the requesting department. You can request project work by submitting a Service Request.

Name Title
Rachele Beach Asst. Director for Building Operations
Jim Walsh Building Operations Manager
Dan Anoskey Building Operations Manager
Josh Miller Building Operations Manager
Rick Williams Building Operations Manager
Jeanne Rushin (interim) Emerson Hall, Medical Research and Library, Research 2, University. Hospital Garages
Micheal Yates IU Natatorium, Track & Soccer Stadium, Sports Garage, Riverwalk Garage, Lecture Hall, University Hall
Jeanne Rushin Eng. Science & Technology, Science Bldg., Science Eng. Lab, Blackford Garage
Sherry Coleman Nursing, Long, Garch, Clinical, Fester, Coleman Hall, ROC Garage
Don Anderson 1401 Indiana Ave., CS #3, Ceramics, Lockefield, Waterway Buildings, Lockefield Garage, Sexton Properties
Robin Hill (interim) Cavanaugh, Taylor Hall, Ed/Social Work
Pamela Putnam Rotary, Riley Research, Health Sciences, Service Bldg. Glick
Robin Hill Bus/SPEA, University Library, North St. Garage
Will Morrison ICTC, Eng. & Tech, Gateway Garage
Denise Ford Med Science, Daly Student Center
Tom Cross Dental School, Oral Health, Center for Young Children, Vermont St. Garage, Barnhill Garage
Kermit Tinnin Campus Center, Hine Hall
Terisa Branson Health Information and Transportation Science, Neuroscience Research, Campus Svc #4, #5, Biotech Research
Karen Wright Walter Hall, Research 4, Wilson St. Garage
Amber Anderson Inlow Hall, Eskenazi Hall

Energy Management

The University spent over $22 million to heat, cool, and power the campus' 5+ million square feet of conditioned space this past fiscal year. Equating to 1.2 MMBTU of energy consumed!

Energy Management’s focus is to reduce the impact of IUPUI on our environment by using our resources responsibly while serving the variety of campus needs. Eliminating energy waste, identifying & implementing energy conservation initiatives will reduce our impact and ultimately our utility costs.

How can you help?

Become educated about how energy is used and ways to reduce usage at home and on campus. .


CFS Engineering supports Building Maintenance and campus customers by analyzing and improving building system operations and maintaining building documentation and campus maps.

Name Title
Ken McKnight Asst.Director for Engineering and Construction
Mark Gibson Engineering Support Coordinator
Bob Moss Mechanical Engineer
Bill Comus Mechanical Engineer
David Chadburn Mechanical Engineer
Ryan Schafer GIS Applications Analyst
Kevin Cross CAD Technician
Justin Whitaker Electrical Engineer
Holly Thomas Energy Engineer

Facility Specialty Services

Name Title
Rick Williams Building Operations Manager
Andy McGuire Facility Project Manager
Al Nichols Key Shop and Special Crafts
Joe Phelps Alarm Systems
Doug Lay Building Automation
Bud Tormoehlen Building Automation
Paul Burris IUPUC Maintenance/Building Services
Allan Apple Nights/Weekends Maintenance

Grounds Services

CFS Grounds creates and maintains a clean, accessible campus for all faculty, staff, students and visitors. Grounds is responsible to maintain an attractive campus appearance by keeping the grounds free of litter, the lawns mowed and trimmed, and the landscaping detailed. Grounds is also responsible for snow removal of streets, sidewalks and parking lots.

Name Title
Jesse Beck Grounds Program Manager
Clay Collins Grounds Services Manager

Human Resources

CFS Human Resources partners with IUPUI Human Resources Administration to provide effective programs and services to recruit, develop, and retain qualified staff.

Name Title
Sara Peterson Director of HR & Employee Development
Tiffany Simmons HR Assistant
Rhonda Greene HR Assistant

Operations Support

Operations Support is responsible for developing and improving systems, products, and services used by the CFS Operations team to ultimately provide the best possible facility services to our campus customers. Examples include managing and implementing custodial management computer applications, providing campus locksmith support, researching potential cleaning applications, managing campus wide facility contracts, gathering and analyzing work performance data and making recommendations just to name a few.

Name Title
Rachele Beach Asst. Director for Building Operations
Vacant Systems Support Coordinator
Keri Hennenfent Operations Technical Support Manager
Vacant Technical Support Coordinator


Name Title
Steve Roach Procurement Manager
David Franklin Warehouse Manager
Christine Mauler Inventory Coordinator
Danette Muse Bid Coordinator/Buying Specialist
Clay Edens Bid Coordinator/Buying Specialist
Jennifer Walters Bid Coordinator/Buying Specialist
Dan Asher Materials Handler
Glen Brackney Materials Handler
Stuart Chastain Materials Handler

Utilities Engineering

CFS Utilities Engineering manages maintenance and operation of the campus utility distribution systems supporting IUPUI facilities as well as the IU Health and VA facilities adjacent to campus.

Name Title
Eric Mauser Assistant Director for Utility Operations
Marty Allen Electrical Project Engineer
Mike Lyons Lead Utility Distribution Coordinator
Evan Green Mechanical Utility Project Coordinator
Larry Pool Utility Distribution Coordinator
Doug Bennington Utility Project Coordinator