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How To Renovate

CFS Renovation Process

This process is applicable to projects expected to require less than $150,000 in funding. For projects expected to require over $150,000.00 in funding, please submit a University Architect's Office (UAO) Request for Services form or call them at 274-8396.

If the work needed is minor and not aesthetic in scope (i.e. adding an electrical outlet, hanging a picture, etc.), another option is to have the work performed through Zone Maintenance by calling 278-1900 or by submitting a CFS Request For Service here.

  1. Customer has a request for renovation or general upgrade to their space.

    The customer submits a completed CFS Request for Services form to the Senior Construction Manager. A project number is assigned to the UAO for design or to a CFS Construction Manager for project management depending on the nature of the request.
  2. Projects Requiring Design (University Architect Office - UAO, Phone: 274-8396)

    Projects requiring design are assigned to the UAO. Although the UAO is independent of CFS and the IUPUI campus, CFS bids and manages construction projects designed by the UAO. After the design phase is completed the UAO turns projects over to CFS.

    Design: Within approximately one week, a UAO team member should contact the customer to review the project scope and desired schedule. Letters are sent at each stage of design for client approval in writing before design is authorized to begin (i.e. no charges are incurred against your account without written authorization from you in advance).

    Customer Design Approval: The final design is provided to the customer for written approval. No client construction funds will be committed until construction bids are received and approved (see #3 below).
  3. Project Construction (Campus Facility Services, Phone: 278-2614)

    Assignment to CFS Construction Manager: The project is assigned to a Construction Manager who is the customer point of contact for the remainder of the project. The Construction Manager contacts the customer, coordinates the details of the work, identifies schedule/access issues, etc. Also, coordination is established with supporting departments such as Environmental Health and Safety, Fire Safety, UITS, Maintenance, etc.

    Contractor Walkthrough: The Construction Manager coordinates with Procurement and prospective contractors to meet on site to conduct a project walkthrough to assure bidders understand project requirements. Changes after this point will generally become more costly to implement, and increase construction time. If a customer prefers that their project be delayed several months, this also may cause an increase in project cost.

    Contractors Prepare Bids: Prospective contractors review scope of work and design documents, solicit sub-contractor pricing as appropriate, and submit bids to CFS Procurement.

    Bid Review: Construction Management reviews bid proposals and contacts contractor to assure technical adequacy, anticipated construction durations, material lead times, etc...

    Customer Project Cost Acceptance Form: Construction management summarizes total anticipated project costs (i.e. contractor bid, EH&S costs to abate asbestos if required, night/weekend shift differentials, anticipated building shutdowns, cost contingencies, etc.) and faxes it to the customer for approval to proceed.

    Customer Approval (for projects above $5,000): No purchase orders or construction work begins until the customer has signed the Cost Acceptance From. Customers should FAX signed approval form and return to CFS Construction Management at 278-2623 within 5 working days if possible. Please call if you need more time.

    Customer Approval (for projects below $5,000):
    CFS Construction Manager will send an email message to the customer with the total project cost breakdown. Customer should respond to CFS by email to give approval.

    Issuance of Contractor Purchase Order(s): Upon approval, a purchase order with the primary contractor is established. Please note that once a purchase order is issued, the University (i.e. customer) is legally obligated to the construction work and pay the contractor. If the project is cancelled and no purchase order is issued, your project can only be reinitiated with a new Request for Services.

    Construction: Construction Management coordinates project status and schedule with the customer. Construction Management assures work is performed in accordance with plans and specifications, safety regulations, building codes, etc. Construction Management is the University point of contact responsible for all customer and contractor coordination. Please feel free to contact your Construction Manager with any concerns or questions.

    Project Inspection and Close Out: Construction Management creates final project punchlist with customer and follows up with contractor to assure customer satisfaction.