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Students in the Workplace at Campus Facility Services

Josh Miller and Evan Green

If you are a student at IUPUI and you need a part time job on campus, CFS is the perfect place to look. Campus Facility Services continues to hire students to work in various fields in the department; e.g. engineering, construction management, utility maintenance, building services, grounds and business operations. They manage construction projects, act as accounting assistants, update CAD maps, clean buildings, and perform labor in the grounds department, and, of course, do "other duties as assigned."

One student who took advantage of CFS' job opportunities is Evan Green. He attended IUPUI majoring in Construction Technology. He worked for CFS first as a Grounds laborer and then as an Assistant Construction Manager. Upon his graduation Evan was offered a full time position in the CFS Construction Management department as a Project Manager.

Evan stated that "working for the CFS Renovations Department as an Assistant Construction Manager provided me with construction management experience by putting into practice the things that I learned in class. The flexible schedule and the people at CFS make it a real joy for students to work in their chosen field while gaining valuable experience in preparation for getting a job after graduation."

Ken McKnight, CFS Senior Mechanical Engineer, stated that "the opportunity to hire students part-time and then later as full time employees is very exciting. The CNT students have done a great job assisting our full-time Construction Managers with the growing campus' large quantity of renovation projects."

Evan's care and concern for his customers was apparent since the first day that he began to work for CFS. It is a strength that CFS seeks in all employees. He enjoys the interaction with campus customers and hopes to continue to build good relationships with them.

Evan is the second CNT student to begin at CFS as a part time employee, and, to later be hired as a full time staff member. Josh Miller, B.S. CNT, May, 2000, worked as a student from 1998-2000 and is now a full-time staff member. He is an excellent performer for CFS; one in which CFS and the School of Engineering and Technology can take pride. Watching Josh grow both as an employee and as an adult has been very exciting. During his time at CFS, Josh has married, hand-built his house, and has had three children. Josh keeps the "old timers" at CFS hopping with his good-natured teasing and his customer service attitude.

"Student workers have been a great asset to CFS. Everyone benefits when you hire students. The students get practical experience while working flexible hours at a location close to their classrooms, and, while earning money for college expenses. We have benefited greatly from the energy and skills of the students" said Emily Wren, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities. "If you are not using students in your work place you are missing out on a great resource!"