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What is a Building Coordinator?

A Building Coordinator is a chief source of information for building occupants and is the liaison between building occupants and various campus services.


The Building Coordinator’s main responsibility is to approve/disapprove utility shutdowns and to keep building occupants informed of who to call when problems arise. Part of the liaison’s responsibility with Public Safety is channeling identified problems to appropriate departments within the building. The Building Coordinator should instruct occupants to report their own problems and explain how to do it.

The Building Coordinator is to report to the command center should a problem exist in the building that requires a command center be established. In the event of fire alarms or other building emergencies, a command center is always established. If the Building Coordinator is not the appropriate person for the command center they should assist in getting the appropriate person to the command center.

The Building Coordinator should also:

  • Know every department in the building, person to contact and phone number.
  • Make sure every department knows of their role as Building Coordinator and their phone number.
  • Be responsible for physically making changes or notifying CFS via Work Request form of necessary updates to existing building directory.
  • Know the location of people with disabilities within the building to aid the fire department, should a fire occur, or in the event of any other emergency that requires evacuation.
  • Report building problems located in common areas, paying particular attention to items that may present a safety hazard or security problem.