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You may be presented with a Login prompt to access the CFS Shutdown system. Please enter your IU ADS credentials as shown below. (be sure to substitute your own username and password and leave the "ads\" in place)

Shutdown Procedure

For best results, use Microsoft Internet Explorer when accessing the Shutdown Request Form.

To submit a shutdown request, click here to open the "Submit Shutdown Request" form and fill in the form as applicable. Note: All fields in RED are required.

  • A requestor must be a University employee. Contractors must process through their University point of contact. Contractor requested shutdowns will not be processed.

Choose to whom the form must be sent and click "Submit".  The form must be received at applicable zone service address at least 72 hours in advance of shutdown. If more than one zone is affected, a separate request must be submitted to each affected zone. (After form is submitted hit <back> button in upper left hand corner and choose another zone and resubmit.)

Zone Maintenance will regularly monitor service e-mail address to review shutdown requests. Zone Manager will informally review request with Building Coordinator, applicable building occupants and other groups as needed to facilitate shutdown. Groups such as Fire Alarm Services, Control Room, etc., will express any concern regarding schedule, etc. at this time. Zone manager will also help Building Coordinator understand the purpose of the shutdown and support the need for it.

Building Coordinator receive e-mail "vote" notification to approve or disapprove.
Building Coordinator will review, approve or disapprove via the shutdown system, verbally, or through email to Zone Maintenance.

Zone Maintenance electronically forwards to the following for scheduling of associated work:

  • Fire Alarm Services - cfsfire
  • CFS Control Room - cfscntrl
  • CFS Utilities - cfsutils
  • CFS Nights/Weekends - cfsnight
  • UITS -
  • University Architect's Office - cfsuao
  • CFS Construction Management - cfsreno
  • CFS Building Services - cfsbldg
  • IU Police - cfspol
  • Requestor

Once the shutdown has been approved, a final notification email is sent to all users listed in the building shutdown distribution group.
Shutdown performed.

Contact your local Zone Manager should you have any questions regarding the CFS shutdown system.